Apartments for rent in Dresden - New building direct in Zwinger

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 We will publish the offer of rental apartments from the beginning of 2016.

103 apartments in Residenz am Zwinger are available for short-term or long-term rent. The apartments are fully furnished with bespoke furniture and kitchens. The apartments also include washing machines, driers, big flat screen TVs and high speed internet. Satelites on the roof guarantee TV programmes from all over the world. The aim is to furnish even small apartments very efficiently with a lot of premium equipment so you can invite guests or work comfortable at your apartment Residents can enjoy a reception desk and a 24-hour technical service in case of defects or other problems. Gardens and all common areas are maintained to satisfy the highest requirements.

 The Residenz am Zwinger is maintained by a professional team that insures superior service: 

  • Reception with following services: Handling the keys, accepting rent and payments, receiving the post of our residents, accepting complaints and emergency calls
  • 24/7 emergency service in any case of emergency relating the apartments
  • We intervene immediately if the sleep or the silence of our residents is disturbed. The whole area is owned by the CTR Immo Dresden GmbH so we have the possibility to control the following of the house rules.
  • Maintenance and repairs of all kind: electrical devices, sanitation, supply of water, electricity and heat, internet or television receiving
  • Taking care of the green and gardens, regular mowing of the lawn
  • Reading the water flow and heat meters, billing of the additional charges
  • Regular revisions of all machinery and elevators in the area

 The apartments in the Residenz am Zwinger are equipped to use them very effectively. Over the day hide your folding bed so your living room is big and spacy and you can use the potential of your living rooms the best. This folding bed you can also find in the two-room-apartments, as well as a second bathroom so you can easily invite guests to stay for the night without them disturbing your privacy. Folding desks and dining tables give you the opportunity to arrange your living room according to your needs.


Typical floorplans

One room apartment (Day/Night)

one room day one room night


Two room apartment (Day/Night)

two room day two room night