Temporary living in Dresden

What is temporary living?

Temporary living or temporary renting is a new concept of living. Here, fully equipped and furnished flats are rented out instead of flats that are “only” furnished with a kitchen and you still have to get the rest of the furniture

For this type of flat, the term serviced flats is becoming more and more established. So if you only have to stay in Dresden for a limited period of time, or if you want to remain very mobile locally, you’ve come to the right place, because you can move in with us for as little as 2 nights. However, many of our customers stay with us for several months.

In the case of a “temporary flat”, the ancillary costs are often already included. At the Residenz am Zwinger, these costs are included in the rent:

  • electricity*
  • water
  • heating
  • internet
  • final cleaning

*The electricity costs in the amount of the average consumption according to the Federal Statistical Office are already included in the price. Additional electricity consumption is charged at the market rate.

For whom is temporary living interesting?

It makes sense for project workers, skilled workers and all those who want to be flexible.

A temporary flat is definitely interesting for anyone who is employed for longer periods at a distant location. After all, it doesn’t make sense to look for a flat for 2-3 months every time you change locations, set it up and then, after the project or assignment is over, give notice and dissolve everything again. Project staff, engineers, trainees, engineers, architects who take on construction management would be just a few examples here.

But actors and visiting professors are often in the same situation and benefit from “renting on a temporary basis”, i.e. fully equipped flats that can be rented even for a few weeks. In this case, you can fully concentrate on your job and relax in your own four walls in the evening, with all the necessary comforts.

Useful also as a transitional apartment

Imagine you are starting a new job in a remote location and a probationary period has been agreed. It would be very risky to rent a permanent flat at the new place of work right away, because especially during the probationary period, the employment relationship can be terminated without notice by both parties. In this case, a serviced flat is ideal as a temporary home.

As soon as your probationary period is “over”, you can look for a suitable permanent flat without stress, because you have a “temporary flat” and can also cancel it flexibly.

Students, trainees, participants in further education and training courses

Even though the prices – due to the complete equipment, the included services and the incidental costs – for temporary living are on a higher level than the classic student flat, there are quite a few students or trainees who appreciate the comfort and peace of their own flat and choose this form of living.

We often have participants of further education and training courses as guests, who are very happy to be able to concentrate fully on their studies during the strenuous weeks or months and are happy to make use of our services.

What documents do I need for a temporary flat?

To rent a temporary flat at the Residenz am Zwinger, you only need one document and that is a valid identity card or passport.

How does temporary living at the Residenz am Zwinger work?

Renting a serviced flat with us is very simple. If you want to rent for at least 1 month, the procedure is as follows:

  • You choose a flat type and make a non-binding reservation request.
  • We will then send you an offer immediately
  • We can also arrange an appointment for you to view the apartment.
  • After confirmation of our offer, your flat is reserved

We will then prepare your flat accordingly so that you can “start living” right away on the day you move in. Our rental prices already include all additional costs. In addition, you have the possibility to book further services such as: a parking space in the underground car park, the cleaning of your flat, for a small fee, at any time via the reception.

If you need a furnished flat in Dresden for less than 30 days, you can book a flat quickly and easily online: Temporary flat for 2-29 days